August 12, 2022

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Tatiana Dumitru Launches Exciting New Premier Brand Name Agency NamePoise

Tatiana Dumitru

Tatiana Dumitru

NamePoise branding group focused on brand status and outstanding reputation

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIF., USA, June 23, 2021 / — Branding expert Tatiana Dumitru today announced the launch of her new brand naming agency, NamePoise. Most agencies offer naming as part of their branding services; however, Tatiana has a proven history as a specialized naming stand-alone agency.

Tatiana creates unforgettable, great names that stand out in key markets. She is known in the marketing industry as a professional with a knack for blending research, linguistic analysis, client communication and a strong work ethic, resulting in a well-balanced name.

Tatiana is a strategic, hands-on, creative branding guru. She works directly with clients, providing focused, professional attention to the most important part of a business, a well-crafted name. Great experience and an individualized approach have earned her a respected name in branding. Clients are given the opportunity to sort through many name options, with the payoff being a name that’s guaranteed to be effective.

“I started offering brand naming services as a freelancer on Upwork in 2017,” said Tatiana. “Subsequently, I collaborated with designers to include logo design, packaging and design services in my portfolio. In 2019, I launched my own branding and design agency called PreTee Creative. From my debut until now, I’ve worked with start-ups and global corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and The Motley Fool. Upwork has recorded scores and reviews showing my 100% success score both through freelancing and working with my agency. I believe in transparency and even ‘over-communicating’ to ensure that clients are satisfied with the naming process and the results of their investment in the best possible company name.”

The agency’s service features unlimited revisions, which stands in contrast to the standard industry practice of offering one or two revisions before starting to charge extra. This can lead to frustration on the part of the client, who feels he or she must keep paying to get to a satisfactory result—but then end up not even choosing a name. “I offer 100% transparency,” Tatiana explained. Clients don’t pay extra for revisions and each round has strong name options for their brand. Revisions are super important because you need contrast and variation to see the potential in a name.”

NamePoise also offers ReadyNames, which are distinctive, curated names for brands, services or platforms that clients can purchase and use instantly. This approach can be a great alternative to spending time and money searching for a name, a process that can often be overwhelming and time consuming. Each ReadyName includes a matching domain name. This is valuable because, from a branding perspective, matching domains generate instant credibility and a competitive advantage.

Tatiana’s approach further involves crafting a story that will smoothly tie the ReadyName to the client’s brand. As Tatiana put it, “I do this by looking beyond your product or service to uncover the deeper values, characteristics, and emotions that create customer connections and build brand relationships. Then, I bring those emotional elements to life to create a seamless, authentic story for your brand name.” Unlike “brand name generator” website that mechanically create names out of random words with no branding input, the ReadyName service delivers a well-crafted name, aligned with a brand’s values and story.

Tatiana has been featured in “Influencive,” “Thrive Global,” “WeMagazineForwomen” and more, and is a featured leadership network writer for “Entrepreneur.”

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