BBB tips to get car ready for winter | Community

As we move into 2022, one important goal is to make sure the vehicle gets through the upcoming winter weather. The Better Business Bureau always get complaints after the first big winter storm. Consumers are unhappy with the towing service they used, or the repair needed on their car after it froze on the highway.

Here are some simple BBB tips to make sure your car is ready for that first blizzard.

1) Have a local repair shop winterize the car. Make sure the hoses, wires and belts are in good shape. If the car is older, replacing the rubber parts makes sense because, regardless of your mileage, they deteriorate with age.

2) Consider installing winter wiper blades.

3) Check all fluids. The antifreeze, of course, but also the windshield wiper fluid reservoir should be full and the oil and power steering fluids should be topped off.

4) Check the

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