Move over Dull, Boring & Stiff. Law firm trade names are finding their place

(Reuters) – It doesn’t take an astute observer to notice a pattern in law firm names: White Guy, White Guy & White Guy.

Yes, firm names reflect the profession’s historical lack of diversity, but there’s another reason that they have remained so staid over the years: Until relatively recently, bar rules in several states including New York prohibited law firms from using trade names, limiting them instead to identifying themselves by the names of current, retired or deceased partners.

As of mid-2021, however, a series of holdout state bars across the country had scrapped such rules, greenlighting the use of broader trade names.

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So is it time for law firm to rethink their names, shedding the monikers of their founders in favor of more catchy, less stodgy descriptors?

Los Angeles-based trial and appellate boutique Waymaker LLP is on board.

Formerly known

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