Better Business Bureau warns of health care scams during sign-ups

VERMONT – The coronavirus pandemic left many Americans unemployed and uninsured. To give people a chance to sign up for health care coverage, is open until Saturday, January 15. Anytime the government has an open enrollment, people understandably have questions and concerns. Scammers take advantage of this opportunity to confuse and mislead victims. gets many reports about scammers claiming to be a government representative who can help people navigate Medicare or Affordable Care Act options. Scammers claim to be a “health care benefits advocate” or a similar title. These scammers allege they can enroll people in a better program than what you currently have. This new plan is cheaper and people can keep all the same services. To get started all that is needed is some personal information, such as Medicare ID numbers. Of course the call is a scam and sharing personal information will open victims up

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