Opinion | Tornados Can Kill. So Does Amazon’s Business Model

Old-school home-improvement contractors have a piece of folk wisdom they love to share with prospective clients.

“Listen,” they like to say. “I can do this job for you fast. I can do this job for you cheap. I can do this job for you good. Pick any two—but I can’t do all three.”

Work done fast and cheap, this folk wisdom understands, ends up sacrificing quality. Want cheap and good? That’ll cost you. Want quality on the cheap? That’s going to take a lot longer.

Within Corporate America, the brazen Bezos hostility to trade unions hardly stands alone. Our nation’s corporate giants have been on a ferocious 50-year offensive against collective bargaining.

This wisdom has been around, in one form or another, for almost forever. But not everyone holds to it. Take billionaire Jeff Bezos, for instance. His Amazon empire prides itself on delivering on all three fronts: good results

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Pandemic fallout cuts deep wounds for Black-owned businesses. Can corporate America help? | Opinion

By John Harmon Sr.

While the pandemic has presented economic challenges for everyone, small businesses owned by people of color have been among the hardest hit.

Nationally, the number of active business owners in the United States fell by 22% from February to April 2020 as the pandemic forced businesses to close their doors. But for Black-owned businesses, the devastation ran nearly twice as deep.

The number of active African-American business owners declined 41% and locally, 41% of Black businesses were projected to stay closed resulting from the George Floyd protests last June as well as the continued effects of COVID-19.

This narrative has become the norm across America. It’s time to address this crisis head-on.

The pandemic poured gasoline on a fire that was already smoldering. Businesses operating closest to the margin were most likely to fail as the worst, but shortest, recession in 75 years quickly

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