Do We Need COVID-19 Booster Shots? Experts Say Not yet

  • Should the US start offering people an extra COVID-19 vaccines dose? 
  • Supporters cite signs of waning protection and data suggesting a booster shot would help. 
  • Others say boosting now is unnecessary, because the shots still prevent hospitalizations and death.

The debate over whether the US should roll out extra doses of coronavirus vaccines is reaching a fever pitch.

Pfizer and Moderna, the pharmaceutical companies selling two of the widely used US vaccines, have forcefully argued that booster doses will be necessary before the winter. Some vaccine experts have been just as forceful in saying they aren’t needed yet.

“No vaccine, at least not within this category, is going to have an indefinite amount of protection,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, said in an interview with NBC News on Thursday.

“What we’re doing literally on a weekly and monthly basis is following cohorts

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