Methane leaks, emissions, omicron and Amazon dominate Business headlines

Methane continues to leak from oil and gas operations in the Permian Basin, prompting action by industry and government to rein in the powerful greenhouse gas.

The Environmental Defense Fund reported that 40 percent of nearly 900 oil and gas wells surveyed in the Permian Basin by helicopter Nov. 12-21 were emitting “significant plumes” of methane. The flyover found emissions from about a third of surveyed pipelines and about half of processing and transportation operations. It also found that a third of smaller wells had emissions that persisted for days, according to the EDF, which has been surveying oil fields in West Texas with a infrared camera mounted to a helicopter since 2019.

The Texas Oil and Gas Association, an industry group, questioned the Environmental Defense Fund’s findings, and questioned the study’s methodology and data.

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