World’s first Sodium-ion solar generators to debut at CES 2022, and it may kickstart a move away from Lithium

Bluetti, a company known for its line of power stations, has unveiled what it is calling the world’s first sodium-ion solar power stations. With the new-age generators, the company aims to bring a viable replacement for lithium-ion batteries in its line of solar generators that can power homes.

For those unaware, Bluetti is a Las Vegas, US-headquartered power solutions firm that is mostly known for its state-of-the-art solar generators. The company made a name through its flagship model AC200, which received crowdfunding of nearly 7 million dollars in two months in 2020. Since then, Bluetti has built a strong portfolio of generators, photovoltaic or solar panels, and other energy production and storage solutions.

Just a few years following its inception, Bluetti is now ready to debut a completely new line of products at the upcoming CES 2022. As mentioned on its website, the company will showcase its NA300 solar power

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