Why you really should cease offering on Amazon, other platforms

A single of the excellent promises of the web for smaller corporations was that it was likely to remove the “middle man” – intermediaries in between sellers and prospects. Brands could provide right to end customers in its place of merchants stores could keep in touch with buyers often.

All that is legitimate – but what is also accurate is that the world-wide-web designed a new kind of intermediary: platforms.

You nearly surely presently use platforms – at least as a customer. There is Amazon for items, Doordash or Postmates for foods deliveries, Uber or Lyft for rides, Upwork or TaskRabbit for smaller employment. The checklist goes on and on.

Platforms supply quite a few positives for compact corporations. A freelancer who develops WordPress web-sites, for instance, might have experienced a awful time having shoppers in their smaller Midwest town, can now access customers all more than the earth through

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