China Watching As Ukraine Uses Elon Musk’s Starlink to Counter Russia

  • Since its attack began in February, Russia has tried to interfere with Ukraine’s communications.
  • Ukrainian troops and civilians have turned to SpaceX’s Starlink to keep those channels open.
  • Chinese researchers have said Beijing should develop a way to disable or destroy Starlink satellites.

Since the start of the Russian invasion, the US and its NATO and European allies have sent Ukraine security, economic, and humanitarian aid worth tens of billions of dollars.

Assistance to the embattled Ukrainians has come from the general public and private sector too. One of the most notable contributions has been that of Starlink, a satellite communication system run by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

SpaceX says it has delivered 15,000 Starlink kits to Ukraine since late February. The devices provide the Ukrainian military with a resilient and reliable means of communication. Ukrainian troops have used them to coordinate counterattacks or call in artillery

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Pleads With Workers to Return to Office

  • Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he has been “unsuccessful” in getting employees to return to the office. 
  • The company currently offers hybrid and remote work options for eligible non-retail staffers. 
  • “I’ve pleaded with them. I said I’ll get on my knees. I’ll do push-ups. Whatever you want,” Schultz said at a NYT event. 

Despite doing “everything” to get employees to come back to the office, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said they’re not returning “at the level” he wants.

Speaking at The New York Times’s DealBook policy forum in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Schultz  — who returned as interim CEO in April after Kevin Johnson stepped down from the role — said swaying staffers away from remote work and back to the office hasn’t been productive. 

“I have been unsuccessful, despite everything I’ve tried to do, to get our people back to work,” Schultz, 69, said. “I’ve

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Inside Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s Ouster of TV Chief Peter Rice

  • Disney CEO Bob Chapek abruptly fired the company’s TV content chief, Peter Rice, replacing him with Dana Walden.
  • Rice, a former Fox exec with close ties to Rupert Murdoch, did not fit in Disney’s culture, insiders said.
  • Walden now may be positioned as a possible future CEO of the company

Just a few weeks ago, the Walt Disney Co’s top TV content executive, Peter Rice, was in New York to showcase the company’s creative output to a room full of advertisers, media and investors, handing off to his boss, CEO Bob Chapek, with a smile. 

But behind the scenes, according to multiple sources inside and close to Disney, the two men were at loggerheads over Rice’s desire to run his Disney fiefdom as his own and failing — in management’s eyes — to be a team player.

Rice, one of Hollywood’s most powerful content executives and a hugely popular figure

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Senate Dems Sound the Alarm About Russian Interference in 2022

  • Top Senate Democrats are concerned about Russian interference in 2022. 
  • A group of senators urged leading national security and intelligence officials to stay vigilant. 
  • The Ukraine war has provided an avenue for Russian disinformation to flourish in the US on the far right. 

Leading Senate Democrats are sounding the alarm about Russian interference in the 2022 midterm elections.

A group of 17 Senate Democrats led by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, chairwoman of the Senate Rules Committee and Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, urged some of the nation’s top military, intelligence, and national security officials to stay vigilant against interference in a new letter obtained by Insider. 

“As the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to an increase in Russian disinformation and warnings of potential cyberattacks, we urge you to ensure that your agencies are prepared to quickly and

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Tech Giants IBM and Microsoft Lay Off Hundreds of Employees in Russia

  • IBM is shutting down operations in Russia, while Microsoft is scaling down in the country.
  • Each of the companies is laying off hundreds of local employees.
  • Businesses are exiting or shrinking businesses in Russia after the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tech giants IBM and Microsoft are laying off hundreds of employees in Russia as companies continue to leave or scale down businesses in the country.

IBM suspended its Russian operations in March after the country invaded Ukraine, but employees were kept on the payroll. In a memo to staff on Tuesday, chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna announced an “orderly wind-down” of business in Russia. The local workforce will be laid off, he said.

“Our colleagues in Russia have, through no fault of their own, endured months of stress and uncertainty,” said Krishna. “We recognize that this news is difficult, and I want to assure them that

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