December 1, 2021

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Johnny Dougherty-Bobby Henon Comcast offer

Conflicting loyalties

Today’s testimony made available number of key revelations about the Comcast negotiations, which have been thoroughly dissected by prosecutors above the class of the trial. But the calls, texts, and e-mails introduced did provide a several noteworthy aspects not formerly disclosed.

For example, the jury read more about how Dougherty saw Henon as Area 98’s gentleman on the “inside” with council, and was puzzled and aggravated by Henon’s other goals and ambitions as a councilmember, these types of as protecting harmony with Council President Darrell Clarke.

In a simply call with Community 98 political director Marita Crawford, Dougherty complained that Henon, who chaired the committee overseeing the franchise laws, kept seeking to correct the bill so it would acquire committee acceptance, fairly than allowing it die as Dougherty asked him to do.

“I mentioned, I don’t fully grasp why you have to get this finished this cycle. You are continue to likely to be the head of [the] Community Assets [committee], all right?” Dougherty stated.

“Bobby is not going to consider it out of committee, and let me explain to you why, John,” Crawford spelled out. “Because if we go in there contradicting just about anything he does, he is not likely to get [elected as] bulk leader and that is all Bobby cares about proper now.”

“What’s the urgency to assist Nutter, and get this done on his observe? Darrell [Clarke] just screwed you, so why would you want to help him?” Dougherty questioned.

“There’s an fundamental agenda, that’s why. We just really do not know what it is,” Crawford mentioned.

“Of program,” Dougherty stated.

“Bobby always has a person,” Crawford stated.

On the early morning of the committee listening to, Henon exchanged many text messages with a reluctant Dougherty, urging him to fulfill with a Comcast govt at the Marriott hotel near City Hall. Henon wished the union chief to go over his requires with Comcast and launch his block on the monthly bill. “I am in NO rush,” Dougherty grumbled, just before agreeing to the conference.

Through that meeting Dougherty built “an outside deal” with Comcast on his requires, Henon later claimed in a telephone phone with Crawford. Dougherty experienced preferred the business to hire union contractors for set up of “business-to-business” cable connections and allow them to bid on jobs laying cable in the street. The committee subsequently voted to advance the invoice to the comprehensive council.

“Very brutal. Clarke’s not pleased. He’s mad,” Henon instructed Crawford, referring to the holdup around Dougherty’s calls for.

“I’m happy everything worked out for you, I know it was annoying,” she reported.

“Yeah, ugh. It’s an unbelievable amount of money of worry,” Henon reported.

“You know he’s not likely to fully grasp it,” Crawford said, referring to Dougherty

“If he thinks it’s a win… Fantastic, excellent for him. Enable him consider it, ideal?” Henon responded.

A several hrs later on Crawford relayed that exchange to Dougherty, mentioning Henon’s worry about Clarke’s anger.

“He’s like, you do not know what it’s like on the within. I stated, indeed, I do…. I claimed, you want to be on the outside and the within. …If you want to be on the outside the house and you want to get everything you get from John, then you gotta find out that your position has a dual part,” she claimed.

Negotiations concerning Community 98 and Comcast in excess of terms of the facet offer on utilizing union contractors finished up continuing for at the very least yet another 12 months, according to testimony from Andrew Topping, senior vice president for human means at Comcast Organization. But Topping reported that a remaining settlement on the deal was in no way achieved.

The demo is using position two years right after federal prosecutors brought a sprawling 116-rely indictment against Henon, Dougherty, and a number of people today with ties to Community 98. The rates have been split into two trials, with the present case focusing on the bribery rates towards Henon and Dougherty. It is anticipated to very last yet another two to three months.

Disclosure: The Electricians Union Area 98 signifies engineers, digital camera personnel, editors, audio and servicing techs at WHYY.