December 6, 2023

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What Are Some Fun Smencils Fundraising Ideas?

What Are Some Fun Smencils Fundraising Ideas?

As the economy is hurting, more and more groups are turning to high profit fundraisers that offer at least 50% profit. They are also looking for fundraisers that are fun and easy to sell and that stand out in the crowd of other groups doing fundraisers.

Smencils are one of the best high profit alternative fundraisers out there. You buy the Smencils which are #2 pencils made from recycled newspapers before your fundraiser. A Smencils fundraiser works a lot like a candy fundraiser in that you have the Smencils on hand and you give them to your customers at the time of the sale.

Al ot of groups will sell Smencils in addition to another fundraiser they are doing. For example some Girl Scout Troops will buy a couple of buckets of Smencils to sell while they are selling Girl Scout cookies. They are inexpensive and offer a great alternative to purchasing unhealthy cookies.

Fundraising groups like churches and schools which have the benefit of having access to a school store or a church shop can put the Smencils in the store to sell as an all year long fundraiser. This is the most hands off way to sell Smencils because they pretty much sell themselves. You just need to be sure the store keeps track of the Smencil sales so you know how much money you are earning.

Smencils also come with colored lead if you order them that way. Some art club teachers will buy a bucket of Smencils and keep on hand during art class. That way if anyone needs a pencil they can buy them in class which helps raise money for the art club.