July 6, 2022

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Comcast Does not Like Absence of Guidance from Biden Justice Dept. – The Hollywood Reporter

In accordance to Comcast, the Biden-era Division of Justice lacks candor, feigns ignorance, obfuscates, and genuinely requires to stand by the courage of its convictions. What provokes this sort of harsh sentiment?  After all, supplied that the DOJ is turning heads by executing factors like continuing to defend Donald Trump in a civil suit alleging rape, the new administration is hardly renowned as cowards.

The response arrives at the Supreme Court docket, exactly where Comcast is wanting to stay clear of trial for monopolizing local Television set ad income. The cable big is pushing the superior courtroom to reverse the 7th Circuit, which ruled in Feb. 2020 that Comcast should really experience trial for using actions that allegedly harmed Viamedia, which competes in the advertisement products and services small business.

The important lawful issue in this antitrust circumstance has turn into when precisely it is actionable when an entity refuses to offer with a rival. (Viamedia has been held out of an interconnect that serves advertisement customers.) Comcast insists that the right examination less than precedent is when the refusal will make “no economic sense,” and at the reduce courts, the Trump period DOJ backed up that evaluation.


In December, the justices asked the Performing Solicitor Typical for the government’s views. In response, the Biden Administration last month dodged a business endorsement of the “no financial sense” exam and fundamentally advised the Supreme Court to pass on a overview of the scenario.

That is caused Comcast to go ballistic.

In a supplemental quick submitted on Monday, Comcast tells the justices, “With a modicum of the candor this Courtroom should assume from the United States, the governing administration should have frankly avowed that it is explicitly repudiating the no-economic-feeling take a look at, and citing and embracing the Seventh Circuit’s balancing solution in its have § 2 refusal-to-offer promises in lower courts.”

Curiously, that is a reference to the Federal Trade Commission’s ongoing try to split up Facebook. In that antitrust circumstance, the government alleges that Facebook is punishing applications that endeavor to contend with the social media big by terminating their access to Locate Buddies and other APIs. So, the authorized benchmarks on a refusal to deal have appear up in that case much too — and now, Comcast is not only suggesting that the federal government is backing a balancing examination devoid of fessing up to it but also implying that the Supreme Court’s review could effects Facebook’s legal future.

“Thus, when the governing administration as amicus pretends listed here that the panel’s balancing strategy is dicta, the authorities as enforcer is actively endorsing and relying on the panel determination,” generate Comcast’s attorneys. “If the United States seriously believes that is the appropriate tactic, it should have the bravery of its convictions and talk to this Courtroom to grant overview — due to the fact the balancing tactic would demand overruling or modifying Trinko. The federal government is naturally unwilling to accept that truth, and therefore its ‘deny’ suggestion below is nothing at all other than a tactic to raise its leverage in other litigation.”

Here’s the full brief…