Authors: Simple Ways to Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue From Nonfiction Books

As an author, it’s likely you not only want to write, you also want to make money from your writing.

If you simply want to write and have no interest in generating revenues, this post is likely not for you. However, if you want to make a living from your writing, read on.

The first thing to do is realize there are many ways for an author to make money from their writings. Book sales are obviously one way, but not the only way.

You also have opportunities through speaking engagements, consulting, coaching and information products.

To be clear, these opportunities are more readily available for nonfiction writers than fiction writers. Yet, there are a variety of ways fiction writers can generate revenues as an offshoot of their books. Just to be clear, for this post, I am focusing on nonfiction authors.

Book sales

Obviously, book sales are the first … Read more

A World Without Borders – Amazon, Blockbuster, Redbox And Borders

You’ve probably heard the recent news, Borders is closing all of its remaining stores and the company could go out of business by the end of September. This creates an interesting double entendre, thus the article title, a world without Borders. When I think of Amazon, a thriving non brick and mortar firm (at least non retail) it seems like they can sell anywhere, anytime, like a business operating without borders. Whereas, Borders, as in Borders book stores, a bastion of brick and mortar, will now vanish from the world. Today this obvious metamorphosis deserves both mention and contemplation.

Retail is a tough business for any line of products or services. The creeping incremental costs and overhead of retail stores insidiously and perpetually attack retail profits. The list of retail bankruptcies and closures is long, with well know names Hollywood Video and Blockbuster, Tweeter, Ritz Camera, CompUSA, Tower Records, Linens … Read more

Do The Ideal Guide Concepts Originate In The Market Or In the Heart of the Creator?


Do the best ebook tips originate in the market OR in the coronary heart of the writer? This is the initially massive thoughts would-be authors request when they initially make your mind up that they want to produce their first e-book. The reply is not as elusive as numerous might think. The best guide ideas can be produced by looking at what is now marketing properly on Amazon, AND matching that with what your heart wants to generate about. Picking out your reserve concept centered completely on one way or the other is selected to make your book a failure. But deciding upon your book’s issue make any difference dependent on a blend of both (marketplace desires and your heart’s wants) is sure to make your book a economical and crucial achievement.

Marketplace Or Heart?

When it will come to picking an concept for a new ebook, some authors … Read more

Benefits And Negatives Of Owning Company Intelligence On The Cloud

Cloud computing application is an emerging computing technology that works by using the world-wide-web and central remote servers to maintain data and programs. The impact of cloud computing is wide and deep, it is the form of technology that corporations will require to possibly embrace or be operate above by. Some of the important positive aspects of cloud computing include rapid implementation, simplicity of use, and subscription pricing.

Cloud computing has wonderful opportunity for corporations, and it truly is getting a profound result on the organization intelligence (BI) also. Business enterprise Intelligence will help Organizations to procedure raw details and change it into Usable Business data. This system nonetheless involves considerable total of work on massive details warehouses (DW). For most of the regular firms, the information warehouses and most of the small business units entering facts into individuals details warehouses are on-premise. The impression of cloud computing is broad … Read more

Jobs You Perform From Home – Starting a Home Business

At this point in your life, you may be in search of a career, which allows you the opportunity to balance work with family life. There are companies that offer just that. There are available jobs you perform from home. The problem is finding one that is legitimate and for which you are qualified.

Work-at-home jobs require discipline. If this is your first attempt at earning an income from home, you should know you’d need good organizational skills coupled with the ability to meet deadlines. These factors are essential to completing the tasks that will arise and projects you will accept.

Because so many desire the flexibility working from home offers, there are those that take advantage of this fact. Don’t be too hasty; make certain you aren’t sucked in by a scam. When you apply for employment in person, you neither pay a fee to fill out an application, … Read more