February 22, 2024

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TRUiC announces new AI powered tool: Business Name Generator

TRUiC announces new AI powered tool: Business Name Generator

In the multi-stage process to create a business, one step that can stump many prospective business owners is choosing a business name. One reason for this difficulty is because of the importance of a name to a business’s recognition: according to Reuters, 82 per cent of investors admit that brand strength and name recognition play important roles in advising how they decide to invest.

TRUiC has recently released a free online name generator for businesses to help with this. It is by far the most advanced AI-powered tool available for business name creation for brands or companies. This tool also doubles as a great domain name generator as all business names created by this tool are concurrently checked to confirm a .com domain is available. It is recommended to brainstorm and come up with a minimum of four names for your business.

How to use

To get started with this tool, simply enter two keywords related to your business that you want in your name. After this, choose the industry in which your business is based to help the tool’s powerful AI generate even more accurate results.

If your business is operating locally, adding a location to your business name can be a helpful next step as it improves your business’s local search discoverability. That being said, ignore this step if your business’s target demographic is national or international.

The privacy of TRUiC’s clients is of paramount importance to them, so much so that they have built their name generator around this concept. All searches by users are not stored by domain registrars since they are checked against a daily updated private database of domains.

Register your new name

Once you have used TRUiC’s name generator to come up with a list of business names you desire, it is your responsibility to ensure these are available for use in your state of choice. It is also important to be aware of how to register the name that has been generated by the domain name generator.

The next step after this is to decide whether your legal name will be identical to your brand’s name or slightly different. This influences whether your prospective business will be required to submit a ‘Doing Business As’ (DBA) name or if it is sufficient to use your legally registered business name.

To start the process of registering a business name, a business name search in your state would be helpful as it checks whether your chosen name is both unique in your state and an available domain name.

To check whether your idea for your business name is unique in your state, you can do a US Federal Trademark Search. This will check whether the name you hope to have for your business is already occupied by another brand with a web presence or not.

Once you’ve checked the domain name availability and performed a US Federal Trademark Search, read our guides on how to register a business name in all 50 states for the rules and regulations required for all types of businesses. You can learn how to register a name, file a DBA, or change the legal name for each of them, including LLCs, corporations, S corporations, sole proprietorships, and general partnerships.

Photo: TRUiCPhoto: TRUiC

After registering a name

There are only a few more steps to be completed once you have generated a business name, secured an analogous domain name, and registered both, in order to successfully launch your idea for a business.

It is preferable for businesses to register themselves as an LLC when setting up, there are many services available online to help you with this process. After this, a registered agent must be elected, this is an individual or organisation hired to receive legal summons (among other important mail) on behalf of your business.

Though choosing a name is a good start in establishing visibility for your brand, you can really hammer it home by designing a memorable logo for your company alongside this. Also consider making use of the services of GoDaddy and Wix to create an impact online presence for your business.

Closing considerations

Overall, TRUiC’s Business Name Generator is a powerful free tool for hopeful business owners to take advantage of. First impressions are important for getting and maintaining customers, and a business’s name and logo are just about the first exposure to a company a potential customer will receive.

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