December 7, 2023

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TRUiC Announces Free QR Code Generator Tool for Startups

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USA, December 6, 2021 / — The Really Useful Information Company LLC (TRUiC) is happy to announce the release of their latest free tool for businesses, TRUiC’s QR Code Generator. This will be completely free for all users, while at the same time providing an exceptionally high degree of customization.

Through the company’s QR code generator, businesses will be able to tailor-make each QR code so that it accurately reflects their brand by choosing its:




-Body shape

This is very exciting news, as traditionally QR code generator tools with this level of customization were not available to most small businesses due to the high fees which were involved.

TRUiC’s new release aims to allow small businesses to “improve” how they function on a day-to-day basis. This makes sense, as a comprehensive incorporation of QR codes can allow business owners to both expand their reach and improve their customers’ experiences on a holistic level.

According to TRUiC, QR codes’ “true beauty” lies in their versatility, a fact which is evident in the wide-range of QR code options that their tool provides.

From marketing campaigns — which drive traffic and increase sales — to improving internal communications between departments (e.g., phone number QR codes, email QR codes, etc.) and boosting customer satisfaction rates, there are very few aspects in any business that cannot be positively supplemented with the use of QR codes.

The highly scalable tool can be used to generate many different types of QR codes, including:



-Phone numbers

-Email addresses

-Plain texts

-SMS texts


-Location addresses

-Social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)

-WiFi networks


Through TRUiC’s business tool, QR codes can be generated with just a few steps — and without needing to sign up or “login” to any platform. This makes it a very “user-friendly” option.

Creating a tailor-made QR code can be done by:

a) Deciding which type of QR code to create (e.g., vCard, SMS, plain text, WiFi, etc.)

b) Filling in all of the necessary information in the “Enter Content” area

c) Deciding what colour or combination of colours will be used

d) Adding a logo image

e) Choosing a preferred shape

f) Creating the QR code and downloading it

It should be noted that TRUiC’s QR code generator compliments its already existing pool of free AI-powered business tools. This includes their:

Business Name Generator

Logo Generator

More about TRUiC:

The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) was founded by a team of entrepreneurs in 2008. Since then, it has quickly become the “go-to” place for anything that is business related, and has specialized in enabling small startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to consistently thrive in the increasingly competitive economy of the US.

The company covers a very wide range of topics — all of which are provided for free — and its expert-team personally vets a prolific number of providers within a plethora of different business services so as to determine the best available options on the market for small and starting entrepreneurs with small budgets.

More recently, TRUiC has created numerous Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools, all of which are also offered entirely for free. This includes their business name generator, logo generator, and QR code generator.

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