December 6, 2023

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Starting A New Business? Here Are The Top 10 Business Name Generators

Starting A New Business? Here Are The Top 10 Business Name Generators

A successful business
provides businesses with a way to market products
and services in a meaningful manner. A unique name is
essential since it allows a business to distinguish itself
from competitors easily. Customers can, therefore, track
down a business without the hassle of sorting through a
similar variety to find the company they are looking for. A
strong brand has the unique potential to have a carryover
effect– since customers are known to associate top-quality
products with a brand name that is well

While the naming process does require
some work, online tools such as business name generators can
be particularly useful to entrepreneurs. In this article, we
will evaluate the top ten business name generators

Top Ten Business Name

Free Business Name Generator by

TRUiC Business Name Generator
is a superior free tool in
that it has been verified as one of the most innovative and
technologically advanced options available—using
artificial technology to give it a competitive edge. This
tool helps create a name for businesses while doubling as a
domain name checker. All of the business name ideas
generated are also checked to confirm that its .COM domain
is available. All name searches that are conducted remain
private, with domain searches taking place on a private
database of domains.

Shopify Business Name

The Shopify Business Name Generator is free
to use and has a friendly user interface. The options
generated are broad, so users receive unique results.
However, an issue that was picked up is that when using the
business type categories to conduct a search, there are no
noticeable changes in the results– if the keywords used
remain the same. If looking to register a website, users are
required to be Shopify owners if they wish to search for
domain availability.


Namesnack is a
free business name generator that is AI-powered. Featuring
an easy-to-use user interface, this tool generates unique
suggestions based on a few keywords that entrepreneurs are
required to provide. Users also have the option of
conducting a domain search which is a useful feature.
Creating a more niched brand name may prove difficult since
the tool lacks industry


Oberlo’s business naming tool
generates a wide range of names that have potential. This
business tool uses keywords that prompt the generator’s
algorithms to produce a number of viable options. It is
fast, free, and easy to use. However, it is worth noting
that the results are very structured and somewhat
lackluster. This tool works well but may not be great for
those looking for something more creative and


The Wix Business Name Generator is
available at no charge and considers a variety of factors
when generating a name. Aspects such as keywords, business
and industry type, as well as brand style, need to be
accounted for in order to create potential names. A domain
name availability search is conducted simultaneously and can
be registered directly with WIX. This feature, however, will
require a paid premium account.


is free and easy to use. This business name generator
provides hundreds of naming options based on keywords that
are provided. The website also provides entrepreneurs with
useful guidelines to aid in the evaluation process. Business
owners may want to take into account that the naming ideas
that are generated will contain at least one of the keywords
or phrases provided, and the tool will not combine keywords.
The tool does not include a way to check for domain name


Namelix is free and
incorporates artificial intelligence technology to help
entrepreneurs find a unique business name. A set of keywords
is all that the tool requires– these are selected by the
user. Entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners
will be able to use this tool to create a business name;
however, all domain searches and domain registration will be
conducted via an affiliate site.

Naming by

Naming by WriteExpress will generate
numerous business names at no cost. Entrepreneurs have the
option of refining their searches. They can choose the
number of syllables and select whether or not keywords can
be matched with other common related words. With the added
option of adding Latin and Greek prefixes. However, the
provided names seem to lack creativity and can sound
robotic; the lack of an industry-specific filter could also
prove to be an issue.


BizNameWiz is
free to use. This business name generator works with an
AI-powered algorithm. The business tool is able to generate
a number of useful business names that are curated from a
list of keywords that are provided at the onset. The names
generated are specific to their industry and brandable.
Creating an online website will require the use of an
additional tool since domain name availability is not
shown. is relatively
easy to use and does not require any payment information.
This free tool works by creating potential names that are
based on keywords. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can draw a
wild card and opt to have names generated completely at
random. The results get listed in categories that make it
easy to reference. However, not all of the names will have
an available domain– the site will not conduct domain
availability searches.

Final Thoughts

a business is an exciting time, and while the process does
have a reputation of getting overwhelming, utilizing
business tools such as online name generators help
streamline getting things up and running. With advancements
in technology and the integration of artificial
intelligence, the naming process is now easier than ever.
The Free Business Name Generator by The Really Useful
Information Company (TRUiC) is definitely an overall winner;
however, any of the tools on this list will work

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