February 22, 2024

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OP-ED: Tale Above a Cup: What is in a title – Orange Chief

Michael Cole
Story About A Cup

What’s in a name? that which we connect with a rose By any other title would scent as sweet

Monthly bill Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet Act II: Scene II)

So, I resolved to begin this column with a quote from Monthly bill.

Shakespeare, not my pet dog.

It is something that has been swirling about my thoughts for the previous few times.


A lot more importantly enterprise names.

What goes into the naming of a small business? I can realize the mother-and-pop outlets, like “Leslie the Midnight Baker,” or “Shon’s Tractor and Garden Services.”

These proprietors set their name on the business enterprise so you know who is the human being driving it. You are getting own awareness from an expert.

But what about the more substantial types? Even then you have some thought of what they do.

Tractor Supply sells farm and ranch materials. Consequently the tractor name.

The Dwelling Depot sells things relevant to your home.

Granger Chevrolet sells issues about Chevrolet.

And so on.

But it continue to kinda would make me wonder.

And then some others have something in the identify that corresponds to their region of experience.

Lender, Have confidence in, Fiduciary, Money, Media, and so on.

Very first Fiduciary and Trust.

First Nationwide Trust Lender, Bar and Grill.

And so on.

I recognize these names inspire a sense of belief in their revenue skills. I signify, I am not heading to sense safe working with “Fred’s Bank”

Why do so quite a few banking institutions have “First” in the title?

What’s so excellent about saying you are initial in the banking and finance industry?

Are you expressing you are 1st in provider, or the first 1 to open?

Me remaining me, if I have been to open up a bank, I would call it, and hold out for it…

The Millionth Bank

The promoting would create itself, “We are just like the 999,999 banks opened in entrance of us. Give us your funds!”

And perhaps I am overthinking the entire identify issue.

Maybe someplace there is this secret identify generator that you have to set a coin in when you include your enterprise.

Like Carvana.

You fall the coin in and your Posts of Incorporation pop out along with a name generator.

At the name generator you are questioned to give nouns, adjectives, and other terms like an Advert Lib.

Enter a noun: financial institution

Enter an adjective: belief

Enter a coloration: blue

Ok, now a year: slide

Strike the closing button, and your identify is produced.

Bill’s Blue Financial institution Hookah Emporium Have confidence in and Drop Swimwear Inc.


Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not crafting, he is plotting worldwide domination. You can stick to him at www.storyoveracup.com