September 25, 2023

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How to Deal With Customers That May Need Hand-Holding?

How to Deal With Customers That May Need Hand-Holding?

As a manager or business owner, you juggle many different roles. One of the most important though, may be your role as a support provider.

Regardless of the business, happy clients or customers are crucial to your company’s reputation. Therefore, people often spend time developing ways to provide better customer service. The saying that “the customer is always right” is not as simple as it sounds though.

Providing customers with a service that meets their standards can be difficult sometimes. You may end up investing more time handling the situation than it may be worth. Understanding high maintenance customers will help you serve them in a more effective manner.

First, let us quickly go over three different types of high maintenance customers:

  • Customers that need hand-holding
  • Customers with mistaken expectations
  • Customers that are willing to go into conflict

In this post, we will focus on customers that need hand holding.

Have you ever researched a new product before buying it? Or asked your doctor questions about a particular medication before you began the course?

Why did you do this? Why not just take their word for it? Because you needed reassurance.

Additional information is often necessary for individuals because it gives them a chance to properly understand what is happening. While you may think that it is straight forward, you have to remember to look at it from their point of view. What is someone with no background of this product seeing? That perspective can help you give them the information that they need to comfort them.

Now while it is important to provide this information, it can also take some time. So what are some ways to go about this?

You can be preemptive about any questions that the customer might have and develop a FAQ page or sheet.

  • Take a look at all the information that you have and think about the questions that might be asked or that you have you been asked in the past. It will save you time with many customers in the future.
  • As mentioned previously, have someone without knowledge of the situation to review the material. They may have questions that you could have assumed was clear enough.

Finally, consider setting up a help desk or online support system that customers can contact. Depending on the company, it may make more sense to have an email or call number that is focused on handling the problems.

Overall, you want your clients to be happy so that you can start a relationship with them. Investing time into customer service is essential to that.