February 24, 2024

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Customer Services Job

Customer Services Job

A Customer Services Employee is hired by variety of companies all around the world for different tasks but collectivity one goal. The major reason for their hiring is to ensure the Customer Satisfaction, and making the customer Experience better. Their job responsibility also entails having sufficient or let me rephrase superior knowledge about the company and the product which they are representing.

The customers are directly or indirectly getting in touch with the company through these Customer Services Representatives. This just goes to show you the need of having a very well groomed Customer Services Staff.

This direct or indirect communication between the customer/ client and the company could be in one of the following modes:

1) Telephone.

2) Postal Mail

3) Web Mail “E-mail”

4) Faxes.

5) Direct Contact

Now all these are different mode of communication or various options which the customer could choose in communicating his queries or complaints to the company. As all the modes of communication are different so are their ways of optimization of the benefit of each and every mode.

If we take a critical look into this then we would find that 87 % of the queries from the Customer Service Representative would be the same. These are the queries of the Customer which could be handled very effectively and efficiently. And the 13 % left are the queries which required some extra concentration and presence of mind. Although presence of mind should be there in all the case but the level of alertness should be exponentially increased. The examples are different in different industries i-e in Banking; people call the Banks helpline to find out their balance or status of any query or complaint, similarly, the people who are calling the phone operators helpline then they might be asking for inquiry about their balance, package options, coverage and information about the different value services etc.

Most of the time the Customer Service Representative in their Call Center are providing information to the customer about their product on request by the customer. However, sometimes they are asking different question in case of complaints. These questions hold two reasons. First to authenticate if the complaint could be acknowledged and secondly what could be the problem and delegate all the information to the concerned.

Many of the so called complaints are resolved over the Telephone as the customer is not aware of the details involved in the product/Service. This goes in favor of the customer as well and in favor of the organization too. The customer gets his issue/concern resolved without any delay and secondly the Customer will not be calling back for the same query or complaint. If handled efficiently the Representatives doing Call Center Job could also create brand loyalty efficiently.

As discussed in the start of the article the Jobs at Call Center by the Customer Services Employee involves different mode of Communication now we cannot handle all the employees with the same kind of procedure. Different kinds of approaches of the customer involve different kind of attributes which I will be discussing in the next article, what actually are the quality of the Customer Services employees while handling the customer. Customer handling is a skill which has more to do with the attitude instead of just reading the script.