December 7, 2023

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Elon Musk Unveils ‘Tesla Bot,’ a Humanoid Robot Centered on FSD

  • Elon Musk mentioned all through Tesla’s AI Day on Thursday that the corporation prepared to create a humanoid robotic.
  • The CEO said Tesla hoped to establish a prototype for the “Tesla Bot” by future calendar year.
  • It would use the exact AI techniques that aid energy the firm’s Full Self-Driving procedure.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared through the firm’s AI celebration on Thursday that the carmaker would department out into humanoid robots.

Musk unveiled the “Tesla Bot,” a 5-foot-8, 125-pound robot that would have a display screen the place its deal with must be that would present data. In accordance to the CEO, the humanoid robotic would be capable of deadlifting 150 lbs and carrying about 45 lbs ., though it would vacation at only about 5 mph.

“We are location it this kind of that it is at a mechanical amount, at a physical amount, you can run away from it and most possible overpower it,” Musk quipped.

The bot would use Tesla’s Autopilot software program and have eight cameras to feed into the neural network it’s produced for its Full Self-Driving application, Musk reported.

The neural network is designed to aid a Tesla car assess its environment, determine routes and images, and decide what to do when it encounters obstacles.

Tesla ai day

Behold, Musk’s Tesla Bot prototype.


“Our automobiles are semi-sentient robots on wheels,” Musk said, incorporating that “it kind of can make feeling” to put the program “on to a humanoid form.”

Musk stated businesses ideally would use the bot to perform repetitive and dangerous duties. He extra that the serious take a look at would be the robot navigating the planet with no becoming instructed explicitly what to do.

“It has profound applications for the overall economy,” Musk claimed, including that “in the future, bodily perform will be a option.”

The CEO available a visible representation of what he desires the robotic to glance like, but Tesla has not crafted a performing bot — he said the corporation prepared to have a prototype formulated by someday subsequent year.

Musk mentioned the robotic fit seamlessly into Tesla’s mission and would have several of the similar supplies the corporation takes advantage of for its cars.

Tesla is “producing the parts that are wanted for a handy humanoid robot, so I guess we almost certainly need to make it,” he said. “And if we will not, a person else will, and so I guess we need to make it and make sure it is really protected.”

Even though Musk did not give a deadline for the prototype’s release, he’s earlier created massive claims about long term builds. At Tesla’s Autonomy Day in 2019, Musk stated Tesla would have 1 million robotaxis on the highway by the finish of 2020. Nonetheless, the enterprise has not unveiled a absolutely autonomous car or truck, as its Total Self-Driving application continue to involves a certified operator to watch the motor vehicle.