December 6, 2023

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BBB investigates Austin shipping company

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Missing gifts, lost packages and misleading tracking information just two weeks before Christmas.

Those are frustrations KXAN is hearing from several viewers regarding their recent experiences with LSO/Lone Star Overnight shipping company.

The photo above is what Cyn Taylor captured after she went to the warehouse to try to track down her package.

“I was appalled. I mean, it was already bad when I saw how many packages there were. But then as I continued to drive and see how many were unattended … these are people’s Christmas gifts,” Taylor said.

Taylor told KXAN she ordered a package in early November from Anthropologie and paid for overnight shipping. She said her tracking information showed it was picked up by LSO.

She called and emailed the company several times and did not get a response. She said when two weeks passed, and the package showed it was still sitting at the warehouse, she decided to go there.

“So when I drove up to the warehouse, there were actually two other people there, waiting to find out if their packages were there as well,” Taylor explained. “Whenever he went back to look for mine, he also could not find my package.”

More than a month later, she said she still hasn’t received it.

It’s a similar story for Brooke Hundley. After repeated unanswered phone calls and messages to LSO for weeks, she said she’s still waiting on her package she ordered through Kohl’s but was shipped to LSO.

“It’s beyond frustrating. And it’s so unfair to so many people that are trying to get what they need for the holiday season. I don’t want this company able to operate. There’s so many people that are getting screwed over because of the situation,” Hundley said.

KXAN went to the warehouse to speak to someone about the reported issues and saw there were fewer packages outside than when Taylor visited the warehouse.

In a statement, a LSO spokesperson told KXAN they are aware of the complaints and said supply chain issues have caused increased demand.

“We are aware of an isolated number of customer complaints that have popped up recently. LSO is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of each and every customer, so this issue is one that we take incredibly seriously and are committed to correcting. The current challenges in the supply chain have impacted LSO and all other carriers, and the increased demand due to the busy holiday season has caused additional challenges. During this holiday season, LSO processes over 3.6 million deliveries, which is 50% higher than a normal month. Although we strive to provide exceptional service and on-time deliveries to all customers, that is not always possible. Any number of complaints warrants action from us, even if it is a very small percentage of our overall deliveries. To ensure that we get this corrected for our customers, we have set up a dedicated phone line and email for people to report issues to so that we can follow up with them in a timely manner. LSO is committed to ensuring that we are able to handle the unprecedented volume of packages that are being delivered during this peak season and are actively working to ensure that customer concerns are addressed.”

LSO Spokesperson

The number and email to report issues to is: and (214) 838-3121.

The Better Business Bureau told KXAN it is investigating the company, which has a 1.04 star and 299 complaints on the BBB’s site. The agency started its investigation in November after complaints about missing or lost packages and misleading tracking information. According to the BBB:

  • Consumers allege the business is either late on the delivery of products or fails to deliver products. Several complainants stated they did not receive tracking information or received tracking information that is incorrect or misleading.
  • Consumers allege the business fails to provide promised assistance or support for products or services. Complaints state the business gives dates that consumers can expect their products, but products do not arrive or are reported lost by the business.
  • Consumers also state they have to keep reaching out the business to follow up on issues, experience long hold times and/or disconnected calls when attempting to reach the business. Consumers also stated they are not told where to locate “lost” orders or when they can expect to receive them.

The BBB said in late November, the business stopped responding to its requests to address individual consumer complaints. The agency said the business was previously responsive to BBB processes. 

The BBB submitted a written request to the company seeking additional information, including how they intend to address the pattern identified within consumer complaints and customer review data.

KXAN reached out to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Office to see if an investigation is underway.