December 9, 2023

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Afternoon Coffee: Ivalua boosts ESG effort, joins UN’s sustainability compact; Amazon Business sets dates for virtual procurement events for US, EU, Japan; e-commerce firm Gooten raises $15 million, changes leadership

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The source-to-pay suite provider Ivalua has joined the United Nations’ Global Compact to further the company’s ESG efforts and support the UN’s initiative on corporate sustainability goals.

“The way consumers, businesses and public institutions spend significantly impacts the sustainability and social agenda of supply chains globally,” Ivalua said in a press release. “By digitally transforming spend management, Ivalua’s platform empowers customers to manage their supply chain more efficiently, sustainably and responsibly to deliver better environmental and social outcomes.”

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Ivalua Founder and CEO David Khuat-Duy said Ivalua has pledged to internally have a positive social and economic impact — and also will help customers do the same with Ivalua’s solution.

“As we strengthen our global sustainability platform, Ivalua’s most impactful contribution will emerge from the successful implementation of our spend management solutions with some of the world’s leading brands,” he said. “The way we spend matters, and we are collectively committed to long-term sustainable growth.”

Ivalua also was profiled in Spend Matters’ recent series on ESG technology and sustainability, which included insights on source-to-pay vendors’ capabilities.

Amazon Business’s virtual procurement event to have EU, Japan insights

Amazon Business has scheduled its global procurement conference called Reshape for next year. The events are free and virtual for 2022. In the US, it will be held March 9 at noon Eastern time. The next day at 9 a.m. GMT, another Reshape event will focus on UK/Europe, with a couple of sessions on Japan.

The half-day events will focus on procurement and supply chain issues, like cost reduction, digital transformation and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Amazon Business leaders will speak and be joined by industry experts to address concerns from businesses of all sizes — SME to enterprise — and to focus on a variety of industries, like retail, information technology, manufacturing, facility services and the public sector.

This is the first year for the Europe-focused event. Register for the free, virtual UK/Europe event for March 10 here.

Gooten raises $15 million, changes leadership

The on-demand manufacturing e-commerce vendor Gooten announced that it has raised $15 million in primary equity and debt with Tech Pioneers Fund, and it announced that its new president will be its EVP Maddy Alcala, who headed its sales and corporate strategy team and who previously helped with corporate strategy and M&A at BlackRock.

Alcala said “the brands we work with are eager for innovative, disruptive technology solutions and I am excited to spearhead the on-demand industry transformation, particularly as supply chain issues continue to plague retail and manufacturing channels.”

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