7 Steps to Get A Business Loan

Before the hard strike of the Great Recession, it was a lot easier to get business loans. You have to meet certain requirements before the lender can grant you the loan. Given below are 7 steps that you may want to follow when apply for business loans. Read on.

Develop a relationship with the lender

Before you even need the loan, you may want to develop a relationship with the lender. The main people should get familiar with your business. Keep in mind that lenders like to do business with trust worthy people. So, let them know as much as possible about your business.

Purpose of the money

You may want to decide on the purpose you applied for the loan for. Make sure you are going to get a loan for a good purpose. For instance, you can get a loan to buy equipment, property or software. However, it’s … Read more

Isn’t That What Customer Service is All About?

Last week I went to a local pharmacy to have a prescription filled. As I approached the prescription counter I noticed a sign beside the cash register that said, ” Let’s Talk.” Considering it an invitation I said in a friendly, cheery voice, ” OK let’s talk.” and proceeded to say ” How are you today?” The woman waiting on me was not amused. She looked at me in frigid, non-responsive silence and finally said cooly, ” Can I help you?”

It didn’t take a degree in nuclear physics to figure out that she was totally ignoring my humble attempt to be friendly so I too immediately responded to her icy tone with one of my own. I gave her the information regarding my prescription and was told curtly that I was at the wrong counter. I was at the “PRESCRIPTION OUT” counter when I should be at the

” … Read more

Banking Features To Look For When Opening A Business Bank Account

A bank is one of the most reliable partners any business can have. Regardless of its size, any organization will benefit greatly from many of the services and solutions provided by banks such as loans, letters of credits, guarantee letters, etc.

The advantages you can experience from a bank though will depend greatly on the financial institution you will choose. This is because aside from the benefits they offer, some banks will have features that will also help businesses in various ways.

Below are some of the important banking features you should look for when opening a business bank account:

Online banking. Online banking is a key feature that all business owners should look for. Busy small business owners can save a lot of time by using online banking for paying bills, doing bank transfers, checking balances, and even accepting payments. They or they employees won’t have to spend time … Read more

ITIL Improve Administration – Some Principles

If we are searching for a concise definition of ‘change’ – in conformity with the ITIL Improve Management ideas- then below it is. It signifies addition, modification or removing – which can be termed as de-registration -of an approved ( or foundation-lined), prepared and supported configuration merchandise/support or company ingredient and linked things or files. The conditions frequently can be bewildering in identifying ‘change’. Requests for password reset, new access, server installation, rebooting a server, new retain the services of setup may well not be termed as ‘change’ for every se, but they might generate alter-administration pursuits. Lots of IT companies often get caught up in bureaucratic frenzy that they get programmed to label any services request as alter. One particular just demands to bear in thoughts, just since it wants approval, tracking and documentation, it is only not a improve. Just mainly because it needs approval, tracking and documentation … Read more

Rooter Man Franchise Review – A Home Based Franchise Opportunity

The Rooter-Man franchise has been around since 1970 when they were founded by Donald MacDonald. Although they did not begin franchising until 1981, Rooter-Man’s nearly 30 years of franchise experience has resulted in consistent growth, even during the tough economic recession. Not surprisingly, this has also allowed them plenty of time to perfect their franchising system. They expect to exhibit even more growth when the economy’s credit conditions improve and franchisee’s have an easier time accessing start up funding.

Rooter-Man franchises offer residential and commercial plumbing services ranging from septic work to troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, water jetting, pipe location, leak detection, and drain cleaning. They advertise that their drain cleaning equipment is patented and superior to most others in the market. Rooter-Man offers 7 day a week, 24 hours a day service, including holidays, and promote the slogan “To the Rescue”.

As of 2009, there were a reported 481 US … Read more